How Does Laser Scar Removal Works

Do you have acne scar? Have you tried natural remedies to heal scar? No ways helping you to remove scars? Then don’t worry, there is an excellent option waiting for you. Yes, it’s laser scar removal. This method surely removes your scar from your face and relief you from acne scar problem.

However, don’t choose this way at the initial stage; always use this option if there is no another way remains for you. Okay, in this article, I would like to discuss with you regarding how does laser removal work.

How Does Laser Scar Removal Works?

During the laser scar removal, a laser light is used to target the affected area for treating acne scars. The basic principle of laser scar removal treatment is it takes out the injured skin surface from a particular part and smoothes the area to develop new healthier skin by using a laser beam.

Different types of laser:

There are different types of lasers used in the laser scar removal treatments. Few lasers are:

  • Erbium laser
  • Ablative Lasers
  • Ultra pulsed carbon dioxide lasers
  • Non-abrasive lasers

By using any one of the laser light or combination of two laser lights, the affected skin is removed to reveal the healthier skin.

Types of laser scar removal treatments:

Different types of laserThe laser scar removing treatments is segregated based on the type of laser used in the treatment. However, there are two main laser treatments used mainly for scarred skin is laser resurfacing technique and fractional method.

Which kind of laser treatment is best?

Scarred skins are various from person to person based on the depth. Yes, the skin has many layers and injuries occur from outer to inner layers, which mean one has scarred from their 2nd layer of skin and another one from the 3rd layer. Therefore, type of laser and treatment is selected based on the depth of the injury.

Procedures of the laser scar removal treatment:

While healing your skin, laser beam only concentrates on the affected area to takes out the skin. In order to protect remaining part of your face such as eye, they provide a glass to wear. At the same time, this procedure to heal scarred skin takes time depending on the size of the area and condition of the injured area.

But, in common cases, it takes up to 15 to 20 minutes to complete the procedure. However, it does not end up with this laser procedure, after finishing the smoothening process; you need to undergo 3 to 6 additional treatments to fulfill the procedure.

After finishing the focusing laser on the affected area, the skin is treated with anesthetic and cooling gel. During the additional treatments, you may feel a hurtful sensation. But, it should not be very painful for you. And, each treatment, you skin is healed for few days, so it takes up to a month or until when you feel comfortable with the appearance of scars.

I hope, now you come to know how does laser scar treatments works on the scarred skin.