2 Types of Laser Acne Scar Removal Treatments

Acne is a sign of acne scars because it leaves marks on your face. Once you have infected by acne then obviously you will get acne scars on the affected area. Apart from due to acne, you can also get scars when you pick or scratch affected area. Laser acne scar removal is one of the methods used to clear the discolored marks on your face.

At the same time, these acne scars vary from person to person. You know, scars occur on your face due to acne and it depends on the intensity of that acne. Sometimes, it easy to remove, but other times, it’s very hard to clear scars. Also, based on the seriousness of acne, scars are slightly or very visible to the outside.

2 Types of Laser Acne Scar Removal Treatments:

In the advanced world, everything is possible, so don’t worry about your acne scars. By using laser scar removal methods, you can easily get rid of your problem on the face. This laser acne scar removal methods helps you to retain your original skin back.

However, you need to follow prevention is better than cure and don’t pick or scratch the affected area so that you can get slightly visible scars.

There are several laser acne scar removal methods are available for you. But, all those methods are coming under the main two types. They are:

  • Ablative
  • Non-ablative

Ablative treatment:

Ablative treatmentIn the ablative type of laser treatment, the top layer of the skin is removed from the affected area and smoothes to reveal the new healthier skin.

Non-ablative treatment:

In this treatment, layers of skin are not removed instead of that some exfoliation occurs in this procedure. It uses the natural production of collagen to fill acne scar surface.

Below I give you the major types of ablative laser acne scar removal treatment.


Dermabrasion is one of the scar removal methods used to remove scars that closer to the surface of the skin that means remove scars on the outer layer of the skin. During this method, a special tool which is designed with spinning diamond edge wheel is used to remove the outer surface of your skin and penetrate to reveal the newer skin.

Laser resurfacing:

Laser resurfacing is an advanced version of dermabrasion, which can treat depth of the scars too. With the laser resurfacing method, it easier to penetrate the injured skin on the depth that means you can able to cure skin under the depth of surface.

There are several lasers are used in the ablative laser treatment for acne scar removal. And also, based on the intensity of injuries, a type of laser is selected and used to treat affected surface.

However, there may be few side effects occur after finishing laser procedure. Therefore, before committing with laser treatment consult the expert in this and know all about laser scar removal.

After finishing the laser treatment, your skin will be red and swollen. So, in order to get damage-free skin, you need to undergo 3 to 6 treatments for a month.